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In the center: Dr. Elisabeth Wolff and at her right Nadjy Kayali, the lecturer

In the center: Dr. Elisabeth Wolff and at her right Nadja Kayali, the lecturer





Last Wednesday, Nadja Kayali, musicologist, popular radio-broadcaster, much sought-after lecturer and a fascinating personality herself opened our ears and minds to specific „oriental“ sounds of music.

Fascinating how elements of Turkish, Persian and Arabic music and story-telling found their way right into the European classical compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and others,

says Dr. Elisabeth Wolff, WA Coordinator for Music

It’s become a Welcome-to-Austria tradition: Christianis invite for coffee,tea and delicious cakes into their beautiful Viennese Home. Yesterday the ambassador gives the story-teller from his rich professional career.

In a certain country the Ambassador was asked by a telephone operator to give his profession for a cetain form. “What are you working? Your profession, please”the operator asks – “Ambassador of Austria”, Alexander replies – “Australia you say?” – “No from AUSTRIA!” – “Can you spell it, please” – “A-U-S-T-R-I-A, please” – “Thank you. That’s fine. Now, that means, you are not working at all, is it?”


On January 19th 2016, Anne Thun-Hohenstein was leading our members to

a special visit of the Maria Treu Basilica situated in the centre of a baroque monastery complex. After an introduction to the church’s history we listened to a short performance on the spectacular ancient organ played by famous composers like Franz Liszt.

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We proceeded to the adjoining Emperor Franz Josef Hat Museum located in the cellar of the former monastery where the treasures of this collection were happily tried on while sipping a glass of prosecco in the carnival season.


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