Saturday, June 11, 2016

  1. First stop was the mausoleum of the famous General Radetzky in Heldenberg, continuing to Schloss Limberg where the internationally renowned artist Erwin Wurm showed his atelier. WA members enjoyed Erwin Wurm’s explanation of one of his sculptures
  2. Lunch at Schloss Rosenau was followed by a tour  of Austria’s only Museum of Freemasonery.
  3. Near the Bohemian border Countess Kinsky welcomed WA members to the family’s imposing Burg Heidenreichstein which dates back to 1160.
  4. The Romantik-Hotel Gmünd provided food and overnight. HRH Andreas von Habsburg gave the Members a short talk on the history of Gmünd and in the morning he permitted us to have a glimpse of his private art collection.
Erwin Wurm studio in Limberg

Erwin Wurm’s atelier.

Freimaurer Tempel in Rosenau

Inside the Masonic Temple


Burg Heidenreichstein

Romantik Hotel in Gmünd

Romantik Hotel Gmünd

Burg Gmünd (Habsburg owned)

HRH Andreas von Habsburg private art collection

Sunday, June 12, 2016

    1. A walking tour of the charming walled town of Freistadt was followed by a visit to Kefermarkt’s Gothic church to admire the famous altar-piece, a jewel of Medival woodcarving.
    2. In the afternoon, the group viewed the historic Dyers’ House in Gutau, famous for its traditional indigo-printed textiles.
    3. The final stop was Grein, where the first visit was to the magnificent Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha castle overlooking the Danube.
    4. The weekend ended with a guided visit to the charming Baroque theatre in the centre of Grein.


Färberhaus in Gutau

Historic wooden blocks for printing indigo cottons


Freistadt’s landmark tower


Visit to Kefermarkt’s parish church

Donau bei Grein

The Danube Valley at Grein

Burg Grein

Inner courtyard at Grein Castle

Theater Grein

Historic theater in Grein