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General Assembly 2016

Welcome to Austria, Board members

Marmorsaal, BmeiA

General Assembly 2016, Alois-Mock-Saal, BMEiA








Aglaë Hagg, 2nd vice president & Elisabeth Wolff, many years of coordinator for music programs

Welcome to Austria 2016: Gabrielle Schallenberg, Hon. Vice President & Angelika Saupe-Berchtold, vice president

Audience discussing vividly about programs of Welcome to Austria



General Assembly 2015

Welcome to Austria, Board members

Marmorsaal, 22-10-2015, newly elected/confirmed board members of Welcome to Austria

From left: E.Jungreithmayr, H.Thum, A.Thun-Hohenstein, G. Schallenberg, A. Saupe-Berchtold, A.Hagg-Thun, E. Wolff, M. Hanreich, V. Dorda, A.Calligaris


Welcome to Austria, Board members newly elected 22-10-2015

Marmorsaal 22-10-2015 – newly elected Board Members of Welcome to Austria

Past Events & Activities

Ringstraße Part III,  Secession & University & “Der Wiener Kreis”

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Wiener Neustadt, History and Present and visit to Schiebel Group

wr. Neustadt FliegerWr. NeustadtWA Wr. NeustadtFlieger-FabrikWre.Neustadt lastWr.Neustadt mit AngelikaFullSizeRender copy

Ringstraße – “A Jewish Boulevard” in the Jewish Museum


Zentralfriedhof – Vienna Central Cemetry and its famous “inhabitants”


Klimt and the Ringstraße, Unteres Belvedere

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Historic Events

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