Medals of Maria Theresa

Charles V

Maria Theresa

WA members and guide







The KHM holds the largest and most important collection of coins minted under Maria Theresa who became a legend during her lifetime. The medals functioned as a way to commemorate her reign. Martha Hanreich and members of Welcome to Austria were guided through the exhibition which focuses on the most important topoi in Maria Theresa’s private and public life.

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Rubens to Makart – Liechtenstein. The Princely Collections

The collections contain major works of European art spanning five centuries and are among the most important private collections in the world. Dating back to the seventeenth century, they are rooted in the Baroque ideal of princely patronage of the arts. Martha Hanreich and members of WA admired these great collections as well as the new acquisitions.

WA members at Albertina

Princess Marie Franziska von Liechtenstein (Amerling)

Head Study of a Man (Rubens)









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Koloman Moser II: at the Theatermuseum

To complement the expansive Moser Exhibition at the MAK, Stefanie Winkelbauer organised a guided tour at the Theatermuseum. Members of WA gained an insight into the extraordinary multi-talented designer’s creations for all kinds of stages, from cabaret to grand opera. 

WA members and guide

Designs by Moser





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Guided visit of the MAK’s Exhibition About Koloman Moser

Influence on Moser: Klimt’s sketch “Allegory of Sculpture”

Coordinator Martha Hanreich and members of WA were offered with a very interesting guided tour about the art work of Koloman Moser (1868-1918). Moser was an eminent figure of the Viennese Fin de siècle, part of the Secessionists’ movement. Due to his mastery of a wide range of disciplines – painting, graphic art, arts and crafts, interior design, fashion, scenography – he was one of the leading artists of Vienna’s artistic renewal.

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“Les gens du Nord ont dans le coeur le soleil qu’ils n’ont pas dehors”

(“People from the North have the sun in their hearts which they don’t have outside”)

were the words of the greeting of H.E. Ghislain D’hoop at this year’s traditional Advent Concert of Welcome to Austria. Mrs. Catharine D’hoop Freeman-Thomas, the ambassador’s wife, in cooperation with board member Dr. Elisabeth Wolff, graciously invited WA members to a Jolly Pre-Christmas Musical Tea at the Belgian Embassy. Members first warmed up with a drink in their hands while listening to a transporting piano recital by Fateme Beytollahi.







Under the joyful and experienced guidance of our hostess, all joined in exuberant carol singing that didn’t want to seem to end. To make matters complete, a traditional Christmas Cake was cut and warm wishes were made.

Interesting and hidden places

were discovered by members of Welcome to Austria in Rasha Corti’s tour organised by Clarissa Mayer-Heinisch which concluded with Schnitzel, Spritzer and animated discussions at Figlmüller’s.

Guide Rasha Corti and WA members


Curator’s tour at the Hofmobiliendepot

Dr. Eva Ottillinger took Martha Hanreich and members through the exhibition of Viennese furniture design from around 1900.

We have seen this lovely furniture produced in Vienna here and there, and this was an opportunity to learn more about the context and see entire ensembles of interior decoration – which are less known.

Martha Hanreich organised a tour at the Hofmobiliendepot

Dr. Eva Ottillinger gave a rich and insightful guided tour









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H. Horten collection at Leopold Museum










Dr. Agnes Husslein-Arco, Leopold Museum board member and curator of Heidi Horten’s collection, received Anne Thun-Hohenstein and members of Welcome to Austria at the Leopold Museum. A very informative tour was given of Heidi Horten’s rich collection which comprises art works by Marc Chagall, Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Damien Hirst, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Andy Warhol, Paul Klee, and many more.

Dr. Agnes Husslein-Arco curated the Exhibition; A. Thun-Hohenstein and guide

Tour of the Heidi Horten collection









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A “poet and architect of light”

Members and Anne Thun-Hohenstein visited the atelier of Austrian Artist Brigitte Kowanz where they were received by her son. Kowanz, Professor at the University of Applied Arts, participant of the venice Biennale 2017, was awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize (2009).

For three decades, she has been displaying light as a language, as a code.

says coordinator Anne Thun-Hohenstein who organised the event.

A. Thun-Hohenstein & A. Kowanz


Cube by B. Kowanz

Artworks by B. Kowanz











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Transparency and brillancy

Coordinator Martha Hanreich and members of Welcome to Austria were given a guided tour of the Albertina’s exhibition of Viennese watercolor paintings. Biedermeier-era painters – most notable among them: Rudolf von Alt – captured nineteenth-century Austrian landscapes and city views in delicately tuned hues.

Viennese Watercolor

Martha Hanreich and members at Albertina

Watercolor flowers








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