Talk@home: Ambassador Dr. Clemens Koja – Head of the OSCE Mission to Skopje – discussed the question which expectations the former Yugoslav countries have in regard to the EU – and the other way round.

  • hosted by Clarissa Mayer-Heinisch


Monthly Jour Fixe

for accredited diplomats to meet WA members: informal networking lunch at Motto am Fluss – Restaurant: Twin-City liner’s Landing stage on the Banks of the Danube Canal, (Schwedenplatz, 1010 Wien) on the lower deck. On the second Wednesday of each month, any time between 12:30 and 14:30. Business lunch of the week or à la carte dishes. Organised by Aglaë Hagg-Thun, Second Vice President.

4 nations were present at last January’s Jour Fixe: USA, Libya, Lebanon and Austria


Dr. Ludovic Ferrière’s Expeditions in Africa

Board member Dr. Elisabeth Wolff invited the Natural History Museum’s chief curator, Dr. Ludovic Ferrière, to the Stallburg for a Science Event: Dr. Ferrière gave an exciting account about his field campaigns all around the world – on the search of ‘extra-terrestrial gemstone scars’.

Dr. Ferrière about his expeditions in Africa

Dr. Ferrière and WA members at the Club Room

Expeditions in Africa

Dr. Helga Peterlik’s memories and experiences as a diplomat’s wife

Dr. Helga Peterlik giving a talk at the Club Room

Welcome to Austria’s member, Dr. Helga Peterlik, was invited by Board member Anne Thun-Hohenstein to report on her time as a diplomat’s wife in Czechoslovakia. Dr. Peterlik witnessed the Prague Spring, ist dramatic end in 1968 and, 21 years later, the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The members of Welcome to Austria and its guests listened with great interest to her exciting and fascinating accounts at the Stallburg’s Club Room.

Dr. Helga Peterlik (l.) and Board members Anne Thun-Hohenstein (r.), Dr. Elisabeth Wolff

Board member Martha Hanreich and WA members

Monthly Jour Fixe

for accredited diplomats to meet WA members: informal networking lunch at Café Landtmann (Biedermeierzimmer), Universitätsring 4, 1010 Wien, on the second Wednesday of each month, any time between 12:30 and 14:30. Menu € 12,50 or à la carte. Organised by Aglaë Hagg-Thun, Second Vice President.


On September 11th, eight nations were present: Board members Aglae Hagg-Thun and Adelaida Calligaris with guests and WA-members


Guided tour at the Belvedere’s exhibition of oil sketches

WA Group and guide

Oil sketches which served as preparatory works and as a means to attract potential patrons evolved during the nineteenth century into works  of their own. Coordinator Martha Hanreich and members of WA were guided through the Belvedere’s exhibition of oil studies, comprising works by Caspar David Friedrich, Hans Makart, Ernst Klimt, Adalbert Stifter, Tina Blau and many others.

T. Blau – Spring Day in the Prater




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From Austria’s oldest City to Castle Tillysburg

In the middle of June, coordinators Anne Thun-Hohenstein and Clarissa Mayer-Heinisch organised a tour to Upper Austria. After a guided tour through the center of Enns – Austria’s oldest city – and a visit of its famous basilica the group of WA members and friends continued to the “Paneum”. The museum for bread is a modern architectural highlight  designed by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. Its many arts and culture objects from the last 9000 years tell the history of bread from its invention to its diversity of today.

Enns – city center


Inside the Paneum










From there, the group drew a few kilometres to reach the Castle Tillysburg. Georg Spiegelfeld, the owner of the estate, welcomed them and all enjoyed a light lunch before heading back to Vienna. During the bus ride Andreas Habsburg took the Occasion for some interesting, impromptu remarks on the region’s history, which added another highlight to an already very enriching day.

Reception by Georg Spiegelfeld

Castle Tillysburg

Georg Spiegelfeld and C. Mayer-Heinisch










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Hidden Archives and a Rooftop with a View

Backstage Visit of the NHM

On a beautiful evening of May, Clarissa Mayer-Heinisch and members enjoyed a backstage visit to the Natural History Museum, guided by the director of the Department for zoology Martin Löbl and the scientist Stefanie Jovanovic-Kruspel. After a walk through the archives and hidden places of the museum, the museum’s rooftop awaited them with drinks and a marvellous view over the city of Vienna.


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Medals of Maria Theresa

Charles V

Maria Theresa

WA members and guide







The KHM holds the largest and most important collection of coins minted under Maria Theresa who became a legend during her lifetime. The medals functions as a way to commemorate her reign. Martha Hanreich and members of Welcome to Austria were guided through the exhibition which focuses on the most important topoi in Maria Theresa’s private and public life.

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