Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen (historian & writer), introduced us to recently discovered love letters from a private family archive in a Viennese house, saying that her book, 15 Love Letters from Lemberg. An Unexpected Detective & Life-story 1916-2016 is mirroring the Great War (1915-1916).  The beautiful language of the time Hermann Lilienfeld addressed the letters to his beloved Hermine Rainer, a rich Viennese heiress, certainly was unusual for soldiers. Today we can also identify with his cosmopolitan life.

´You know, Hermine, I always and everywhere look for beauty. War is horrible, but even in the most gruelling circumstances, there are moods and moments full of beauty, that bring tears to my eyes and make me happy.´ Although the book is published in German, Ditzhuyzen presented it for us in English.

Hermann & Mimi 1915Brief Mimibrieven2Omslag boekLemberg Oper RVD








…..The book will reveal the secrets of these pictures, you want to buy it?

(Write to the author:


You have been part of Elisabeth Wolff’s program in the Vienna Staatsoper backstage?

When we had the great privilege to listen at the Hans Gabor Singing Competition this year?

Here the final results from Cape Town:

1st Prize: NICHOLAS BROWNLEE, Bass-Baritone, USA
Donated in memoriam KS Teresa Stich-Randall

2nd Prize: NOLUVUYISO MPOFU, Soprano, South Africa
Donated by Jan Meulendijks and Bart Schuil

3rd Prize: RAEHANN BRYCE-DAVIS, Mezzo-Soprano, USA
Donated by Valentin and Anni Leitgeb Foundation

Prize of the International Media-Jury: SELENE ZANETTI, Soprano, Italy

Prize of the Audience: NOLUVUYISO MPOFU, Soprano, South Africa
Donated by Dr. Madeleine Kim, South Korea


You might be interested in how Pretty Yende did? She was first presenting in Vienna and we were testimonials:


English spoken was the guided tour through the FUNKHAUS of the ORF (transmission center of the Austrian public radio) for children of foreign diplomats. And they had great fun. FM4, THE radio station for foreigners in Austria, received the internationally mixed group of 12 children with open arms. Three boys had prepared a coolourful comment on Austrian soccer and broke the ice. In the end nearly every child present was speking into the microphones and registered. Who wants to listen? Shall we put it online?

Well, we’ll have the video online next time as this program will continue and we are planning more fun programs for diplomats’ families present in Vienna, especially for their children, says Aglaë Hagg, Coordinator Jeunesse WA

Studio FM4; "Good Morning Austria"

Studio FM4; “Good Morning Austria”

Lena esplains how to moderate a transmission - 123-go!

Lena esplains how to moderate a transmission and then: 123-go!

Close feeling with all machines in the Adventure Studio

Close feeling with all machines in the Adventure Studio

Antonio & Pietro & Hawi comment on Austrian Soccer

Antonio & Pietro & Hawi comment on Austrian Soccer







They left as new friends - dating for September 18th!

They left as new friends – dating for September 18th!

A splendid visit to the splendid  Winterpalais (Prince Eugene of Savoye) was organized by Martha Hanreich

The guided visit took us through the exhibition “Fürstenglanz” (Princely Splendour). The heart of this exhibition is the lavish catalogues of the major European Baroque galleries, proclaiming the prestige of their creators, combined with portraits of the princes and a selection of paintings from their collections. This exhibition is exploring this phenomenon from a pan-European perspective and compares the most important princely collectors from the Baroque period.



Once more Elisabeth Wolff took her followers to backstage of the Wiener Staatsoper


front, from left: Dr. Alfred Willander, former Kulturreferent Lower Austria; Erich Seitter, Consultant of various Operahouses & former Agent; Jury Everhartz, Artistic director of “Sirene” (free Opera Group), composer and director of orchestras. Bachground: Holger Bleck und Isabella Gabor

Our member Elisabeth Thun-Hohenstein, PR manager of the renowned International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition, arranged for us the possibility to exclusively attend the qualifying round, in Vienna, of this worldwide search for young, outstanding singing talents.

In the center: Dr. Elisabeth Wolff and at her right Nadjy Kayali, the lecturer

In the center: Dr. Elisabeth Wolff and at her right Nadja Kayali, the lecturer





Last Wednesday, Nadja Kayali, musicologist, popular radio-broadcaster, much sought-after lecturer and a fascinating personality herself opened our ears and minds to specific „oriental“ sounds of music.

Fascinating how elements of Turkish, Persian and Arabic music and story-telling found their way right into the European classical compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and others,

says Dr. Elisabeth Wolff, WA Coordinator for Music

It’s become a Welcome-to-Austria tradition: Christianis invite for coffee,tea and delicious cakes into their beautiful Viennese Home. Yesterday the ambassador gives the story-teller from his rich professional career.

In a certain country the Ambassador was asked by a telephone operator to give his profession for a cetain form. “What are you working? Your profession, please”the operator asks – “Ambassador of Austria”, Alexander replies – “Australia you say?” – “No from AUSTRIA!” – “Can you spell it, please” – “A-U-S-T-R-I-A, please” – “Thank you. That’s fine. Now, that means, you are not working at all, is it?”


On January 19th 2016, Anne Thun-Hohenstein was leading our members to

a special visit of the Maria Treu Basilica situated in the centre of a baroque monastery complex. After an introduction to the church’s history we listened to a short performance on the spectacular ancient organ played by famous composers like Franz Liszt.

IMG_2458 (1)IMG_2465





We proceeded to the adjoining Emperor Franz Josef Hat Museum located in the cellar of the former monastery where the treasures of this collection were happily tried on while sipping a glass of prosecco in the carnival season.


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