Reinildis van Ditzhuyzen (historian & writer), introduced us to recently discovered love letters from a private family archive in a Viennese house, saying that her book, 15 Love Letters from Lemberg. An Unexpected Detective & Life-story 1916-2016 is mirroring the Great War (1915-1916).  The beautiful language of the time Hermann Lilienfeld addressed the letters to his beloved Hermine Rainer, a rich Viennese heiress, certainly was unusual for soldiers. Today we can also identify with his cosmopolitan life.

´You know, Hermine, I always and everywhere look for beauty. War is horrible, but even in the most gruelling circumstances, there are moods and moments full of beauty, that bring tears to my eyes and make me happy.´ Although the book is published in German, Ditzhuyzen presented it for us in English.

Hermann & Mimi 1915Brief Mimibrieven2Omslag boekLemberg Oper RVD








…..The book will reveal the secrets of these pictures, you want to buy it?

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