Discovery Tour to Seestadt Aspern (Architecture)

Coordinator Anne Thun-Hohenstein organized a passionate guided tour tom one of Europe’s largest urban development projects – a new town as a mix of all round living, work and leisure facilities. After the visit a vivid discussion about urbanism, fashion and living standards animated the excellent lunch in what will once be the center of Seestadt Aspern.

P1190727Aspern Project center expalined by building expertP1190734Rain & Wind did not stop WA members from exploring New architecture under construction








“Italianità” – influence on creators of music north of the alps

“Knowst thou that land where the lemons bloom so fair?” Mag. Doris Flekatsch, musicologist and an expert in the field, held her conference in the premises of Welcome to Austria. Invited by coordinator Dr. Elisabeth Wolff she highlighted the influence of the innovative Italian styles of composition and performance. Italianità inspired creators of music over centuries. A most appreciated insight!

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Carnuntum – Living rooms in and near Vienna 2000 years ago (WA Jeunes Familles)

In Carnuntum the ruins and reconstructions of a Roman Castrum give evidence of what this place close to Vienna, called Vindobona in Roman times, was like. It’s come to live for Welcome to Austria Jeunes Familles on the recent Austrian National Day just before winter will close the doors of the archeological park, museum and houses. Roman ladies in their drawing room, domestics in the bakery and kitchens where introduced in their historic habitat by ambassador Dr. Walter Hagg. Adapted for children this amateur archeologist and art historian took the families around in the Carnuntum settlement and took them even to the Heidentor, an emblem of Austrian – Pannonian – history. Received afterwards in the private home of Dr. Wolfgang and Carina Lafite the renowned Carnuntum wines with a delicious Heurigenjause and a visit to one of the oldest Romanesque Churches in Austria nearby the day closed at the banks of the Danube.

Walter Hagg introduces WA Jeunes Familles to Roman CivilizationReceiving Hall in a Carnuntum Villa decorated like in PompejiNahledi tries Roman breadReceiving Hall in a Carnuntum Villa decorated like in PompejiHeidentor and it's background explained by Walter HaggGrandpa & gandson BeasleyWA Jeunes Familles at Austrian Emblem "Heidentor" CarnuntumP1190886