Art of one and the same family in Vienna over the last 200 years

In October, coordinator Aglaë Hagg-Thun organised a combined excursion about Leopold Kupelwieser’s and Prof. Hans Kupelwieser’s artworks. Ambassador (ret.) Walter Hagg gave a tour of Leopold Kupelwieser’s frescoes and ceiling paintings (1848/1850) in the Foreign Ministry’s Alois-Mock-Saal (formerly “Marmorsaal”).

Guided tour in the Marmorsaal with the frescoes of Leopold Kupelwieser

Warm hearted reception in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with sweets for the children









At Prof. Hans Kupelwieser’s studio in the Wiener Prater, a specially designed game had been prepared for the children. Prof. Kupelwieser guided parents and adults through his lofts and ateliers. The “Lilliput-Bahn” took them to the “Meierei” and its playgrounds for a late lunch.

Prof. Hans Kupelwieser (r.) explains the pavillons for artists founded at the World Exhibition of 1873

Drive in the Liliput-Bahn through the Grüne Prater under pouring rain









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